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Not all entrance mats are created equal. We can help you make the right choice.

From overall performance to cleanability, and eco-friendliness to safety and compliance, we can help you choose the perfect entry mat for the situation.

Our entryway carpets are used in multiple situations and areas, such as reception areas, entrance areas, storage spaces, warehouses, lifts, pantries and or heavy traffic areas in factories.

The right entrance mat provides safety, saves money for cleaning and gives a great first impression of your company.

Experts in entrance mats

Find out about our 90 years experience with entrance mats, as well our logistical commitment and our fast service. Our PVC-backed standard articles on this website are available Ex Works within 5 working days¹; the other standard articles in 15 days. We have a track record of 98% reliability on confirmed order lines. And we can meet most special requests for entry mats regarding packaging, dimensions, backing and so on, on orders of 80 m² and up, per colour.

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RINOS Collect

Collect is a special outdoor mat that pairs scraping qualities with moisture absorption. The outdoor mat is available in three colours and suits every entrance. Collect is a robust mat that is ideal for heavy commercial use. It works best in entrance areas, stairwells, pantries and lifts, for example, in commercial buildings and medium-sized and large offices. Collect stands out in terms of moisture absorption. Consequently, the mat is optimised for scraping. Small areas of dirt in the mat are not visible. The Collect can be used inside and out and provides a durable solution in high traffic areas thanks to its Bouclé construction. The slightly blended design features coarse yarns only. Collect is a versatile outdoor mat that fits many different situations. This is down to its practical and vibrant appeal. Even if the mat is used indoors it continues to do a great job by preventing dirt and damage to floors in the building.

RINOS Colorado

Colorado entrance matting offers excellent performance in the absorption of both moisture and dirt. It is suitable for normal traffic and works best when used in combination with an outdoor mat. Colorado prevents moisture and dirt from spreading most effectively in commercial buildings, living environments and small and medium sized offices. Colorado’s vibrant frisé structure feels comfortable. It gives the matting the appearance of a luxury carpet. The pile is strong and resilient. Thanks to the melange design and the grey tones, the dirt remains unseen. The matting looks soft and warm. The phthalate-free PVC backing protects the floor from moisture brought in from outside. By reducing the transfer of moisture and dirt, Colorado entrance matting reduces maintenance and cleaning costs. Its fun, vibrant, hospitable appearance and excellent performance make Colorado entrance matting a valuable enhancement to any entrance zone.

RINOS Connection

The Connection is an innovative entrance matting system with dirt scraping and moisture absorbing qualities. Each line in the design performs a separate function. This entrance matting is ideal for moisture absorption and dirt scraping and intensive use. The Connection can be used in entrance areas, stairwells, pantries and lifts in a range of heavy commercial areas. For example, in commercial premises and medium-sized and large offices. The Connection’s special velour yarn structure consists of different segments which each perform a separate function. One absorbs moisture whilst the other scrapes dirt. The linear pattern acts as a visual barrier against dirt. The yarns used provide maximum resistance. Tracked-in moisture is not a problem for underlying surfaces thanks to the phthalate-free PVC backing. Connection is the practical and clean-look high performance mat with a specific entrance matting function. Connection is the tasteful moisture absorber and dirt scraper for buildings and high traffic commercial areas.

RINOS Dimensions

Dimensions entrance matting is optimised for dirt scraping and moisture absorption. The mat consists of a combination of coarse and soft yarns. Dimensions is suitable for commercial premises and also medium-sized and large buildings. It works best in heavily used entrance areas, stairwells, pantries and lifts. The mat features a bouclé construction. In this kind of composition the pile material is formed out of looped pile. Combined with the blended design this makes small patches of dirt invisible. The strong and resistant pile is made up of different yarns to allow moisture absorption and dirt scraping. Dimensions is a robust, fun and vibrant mat. The phthalate free PVC backing of the Dimensions mat also protects the surface beneath against moisture. The combination of strong yarns and special design elements make the Dimensions one of the best entrance mats for keeping buildings free of moisture and dirt, even in heavy traffic areas. Dimensions is available with s-FLX backing. s-FLX: the environmentally friendly alternative that is easy to install We also offer this entrance mat with our revolutionary s-FLX backing. This contains no PVC or plasticisers and is kinder to the environment: 30% reduction in energy consumption and 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over its lifecycle. What’s more, the mat is easier to install, as it is lighter and more flexible than one with a PVC backing. Lastly, s-FLX prevents any discolouration of the subfloor.

RINOS Duratap

Duratap Our new Duratap coir mat is the most hard-wearing coir mat that we have ever produced. When developing the Duratap, we drew on 90 years of experience of making coir mats and this shines through in every aspect of the product. The Duratap comfortably satisfies all official commercial requirements, which is unique for a coir product. It complies with the rigorous European fire safety requirements (Cfl-s1) and Use Classification 32 (EN 1307) for superior durability. This coir mat really comes into its own in small to medium-sized offices and public buildings. Coir is a natural material that looks great, offers excellent durability and also absorbs a great deal of dirt and moisture, which means you will save on cleaning costs. We have spun the yarn mechanically to ensure a uniform and regular pattern with minimal fibre loss. This mat can absorb up to eight litres of water per square metre – an unrivalled performance of which we are particularly proud. Partly thanks to the fact that it is constructed on a unique glass scrim, the Duratap is hardly affected at all by stretching and is extremely stable. That means it is also ideal for wheelchair users and presents no problems at all for people on crutches or wearing high heels. The Duratap can be supplied in various pile heights. It is a timeless and stylish product that fits seamlessly into commercial environments.

RINOS Gibson

Champion at capturing sand and absorbing water The Gibson is our top performer for capturing sand and absorbing moisture in the high-traffic areas of large and mid-size buildings, such as: • entrances • stairwells • pantries • lifts Sand dirt that would otherwise get tracked into a building stay on the Gibson. Where no outside mat is available, a mat such as the Gibson is strongly recommended. The Gibson boasts the highest classification for sand absorption of any of our entrance mats, scoring a 3. And it can absorb as much as six litres of water per square metre. How? It combines velour absorption segments and linear scraping segments. These make it work like a sandbox, while the velour absorbs all that moisture. The Gibson is also highly resistant to wear and tear, even under high, intense traffic: in our use classification, it gets a rating of 33. There’s the option of an s-FLX backing—our revolutionary, eco-friendly alternative to PVC, which • installs easily • is 20% lighter than PVC • takes 30% less energy to make than PVC • causes 15% less in greenhouse gas emissions • contains no plasticisers or chlorine • won’t discolour the subfloor