RINOS Gibson

Champion at capturing sand and absorbing water The Gibson is our top performer for capturing sand and absorbing moisture in the high-traffic areas of large and mid-size buildings, such as: • entrances • stairwells • pantries • lifts Sand dirt that would otherwise get tracked into a building stay on the Gibson. Where no outside mat is available, a mat such as the Gibson is strongly recommended. The Gibson boasts the highest classification for sand absorption of any of our entrance mats, scoring a 3. And it can absorb as much as six litres of water per square metre. How? It combines velour absorption segments and linear scraping segments. These make it work like a sandbox, while the velour absorbs all that moisture. The Gibson is also highly resistant to wear and tear, even under high, intense traffic: in our use classification, it gets a rating of 33. There’s the option of an s-FLX backing—our revolutionary, eco-friendly alternative to PVC, which • installs easily • is 20% lighter than PVC • takes 30% less energy to make than PVC • causes 15% less in greenhouse gas emissions • contains no plasticisers or chlorine • won’t discolour the subfloor
Manufacturer: RINOS, The Netherlands

Product Information:

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