RINOS Duratap

Duratap Our new Duratap coir mat is the most hard-wearing coir mat that we have ever produced. When developing the Duratap, we drew on 90 years of experience of making coir mats and this shines through in every aspect of the product. The Duratap comfortably satisfies all official commercial requirements, which is unique for a coir product. It complies with the rigorous European fire safety requirements (Cfl-s1) and Use Classification 32 (EN 1307) for superior durability. This coir mat really comes into its own in small to medium-sized offices and public buildings. Coir is a natural material that looks great, offers excellent durability and also absorbs a great deal of dirt and moisture, which means you will save on cleaning costs. We have spun the yarn mechanically to ensure a uniform and regular pattern with minimal fibre loss. This mat can absorb up to eight litres of water per square metre – an unrivalled performance of which we are particularly proud. Partly thanks to the fact that it is constructed on a unique glass scrim, the Duratap is hardly affected at all by stretching and is extremely stable. That means it is also ideal for wheelchair users and presents no problems at all for people on crutches or wearing high heels. The Duratap can be supplied in various pile heights. It is a timeless and stylish product that fits seamlessly into commercial environments.
Manufacturer: RINOS, The Netherlands

Product Information:

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