RINOS Connection

The Connection is an innovative entrance matting system with dirt scraping and moisture absorbing qualities. Each line in the design performs a separate function. This entrance matting is ideal for moisture absorption and dirt scraping and intensive use. The Connection can be used in entrance areas, stairwells, pantries and lifts in a range of heavy commercial areas. For example, in commercial premises and medium-sized and large offices. The Connection’s special velour yarn structure consists of different segments which each perform a separate function. One absorbs moisture whilst the other scrapes dirt. The linear pattern acts as a visual barrier against dirt. The yarns used provide maximum resistance. Tracked-in moisture is not a problem for underlying surfaces thanks to the phthalate-free PVC backing. Connection is the practical and clean-look high performance mat with a specific entrance matting function. Connection is the tasteful moisture absorber and dirt scraper for buildings and high traffic commercial areas.
Manufacturer: RINOS, The Netherlands

Product Information:

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