BIRRUS, Australia

For 70 years, Birrus have been trusted by Australian architects and builders to supply matting systems and safety products.

Our featured products are among the most frequently specified entranceway matting systems in our range. These systems can be seen in buildings all over Australia, from sports stadiums, to shopping centres and commercial offices.

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BIRRUS Branded Mats

Branded entranceway matting provides an excellent opportunity to support and enhance your identity. Every visitor to your premises will be exposed to your messaging and brand imagery. BIRRUS BRANDED MATTING is manufactured in Australia using modern techniques to offer you the best in design and durability so that your branding looks great despite the hard wear inevitable for entranceway matting.


Shoes can carry dirt and grit deep within the grooves of the sole. If your matting system doesn’t effectively remove this, then it’s only doing half the job. Birrus COCAMAT features a stepped profile which gets into those grooves to remove dirt and moisture to protect your internal flooring from avoidable scratching and wear.


Providing sure footing where floors are sloped and may be slippery or wet, requires a matting system designed specifically for that environment. DURAGRIT combines hard-wearing materials to cope with heavy traffic, with the performance needed to provide grip under circumstances that would be too much for other matting systems.


In areas exposed to heavy traffic, matting systems need to stand up to high levels of wear while providing a non-slip surface. This is especially true in external areas where exposure to the elements could increase wear. DURAMAT is our toughest matting system designed to stand up to real punishment.

BIRRUS Multi-Scrape

Multi Scrape is a heavy duty, indoor or outdoor Entrance Mat. It is used recessed in entrances or lifts or loose laid in entry ways or lobbies in Commercial buildings, schools and shopping centres.


For over 20 years, No Skidding® have been supplying a range of anti-slip grit tapes designed to enhance safety in a variety of applications. Designed to be versatile and durable, these products use a strong contact adhesive which has excellent bonding to clean, sound surfaces with good instant grip.