GEGGUS Safe Clean TREND luminescent safety mat in combination with tactile guidance system

We developed the Safe Clean Trend safety mat to complement integrated safety systems in public buildings. Thanks to white safety strips that sharply contrast to the remaining components, this entrance matting system is also particularly visible, for visually impaired persons. This is especially important since entrance mats have superior anti-slip features, compared to the surrounding flooring. The Safe Clean TREND system shows its full strength in the event of sudden light failure: Special pigments in the safety strips collect luminous energy and provide a constant source of light. The mat remains visible even in complete darkness. Entrances, exits, and escape doors are much easier to locate thanks to the luminescent features of Safe Clean TREND. Other safety features, such as luminescent escape route signs and floor guidance strips, are thus complemented in an optimal way. Tactile system combinations: Tactile floor indicators are important aids for handicapped or visually impaired persons. The luminescent safety strips of the Safe Clean TREND mat can easily be combined with our tactile guidance system. Orientation aids that address several human senses provide additional safety in entrance areas. The Safe Clean TREND system has received the 2017 ICONIC AWARD: Interior Innovation – Best of Best. Please contact us if you are planning to install a safety system in your entrance area. We will gladly advise you.
Manufacturer: GEGGUS, Germany

Product Information:

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